Yarn bowl oak

Yarn bowl oak

yarn bowl:
oak yarn bowl

A yarn bowl is a pretty neat tool that allows you to keep your wool protected from tangles and unravelling while crocheting or knitting. Yarn bowls are designed to protect your wool.

D20cm x H 10cm

Wooden Bowl made from English Oak wood hand turned. We have lovingly and carefully created this bowl, making the most of the vibrant grain, natural colour and texturing. A beautiful tactile hand turned bowl made from English Oak.

1. Put your wool (already wound into a ball) into the bowl.

2. Find the working end of the wool on the outside (NOT the centre pull).

3. Tug that threads a bit and weave it into the yarn bowl’s “swirl.”

4. Start crocheting or knitting with this end, while your yarn stays snug in the bowl!

So easy!

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